Press release: Plukon acquires majority in Optibrut

Optibrut produces and delivers high quality day-old-chicks to broiler farmers with the most innovative technique in the hatchery industry. Our business is focused on sustainability and transparency, as reflected in our unique, partly glazed, building with a visitors corridor. Optibrut’s day-old-chicks improves the efficiency and satisfaction of the broiler farmers.

Free hatchery

Optibrut responds to the increasing demand of entrepreneurial broiler farmers, who opt for selfreliant and independent purchasing of day-old-chicks and feed, as well as for the sale of their broilers.

For German and Dutch broiler farmers

Thanks to its central location in Nordhorn, easily accessible due to the close proximity to the German-Dutch border, Optibrut is a professional partner for both German (5*D) and Dutch broiler farmers. We work together with large German broiler breeding farmers, who guarantee the supply of high quality and uniform hatching eggs.

Better performances

The day-old-chicks of Optibrut receive immediately after hatch water and feed in the illuminated HatchCare. Due to the early feeding, the immune system begins to work immediately which leads to well-developed broilers. Accordingly, the use of antibiotics can be lowered considerably. This is of great importance in order to maintain a broiler business with a future perspective and healthy standards.